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Chocolate Bars £3 each

Our range of chocolate bars are constantly expanding. They come in a 9 square bar (approx 70g).


All bars are available in white, milk or dark chocolate either plain or flavoured with:

   Mini marshmallows,

  Mini Chocolate beans,

  Chocolate coated cereal balls,

  Nutty (hazlenuts and chopped pitachios)

  Fruity Nutty (raisins, hazlenuts and chopped pistachios)

  Lime topped with chopped pistachios,

  Raspberry topped with freeze dried raspberry crumble,

  Coffee topped with mocha chocolate beans,

  Orange topped with orange chocolate curls,

  Peppermint with (or without) a hint of popping candy.

  Lavender topped with a sugar coated lavender flower.

I'm always expanding the range......