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Christmas Lollipops

Available in white, milk or dark chocolate.

Snowman,                              Father Christmas,

Snowflake (not available)      Rudolph face,  

Christmas tree,                       Star.

Chocolate Bars

All bars are available in  white, milk or dark chocolate.


Merry Xmas chunky bars can also be flavoured with Orange, Peppermint, Raspberry or Coconut,


The Tree slabs can also be decorated with mini chocolate beans, Rocky road (marshmallow, raisins and crispy rce pieces), contrasting Giant choc buttons or supplied plain with two tubes of chocolate/caramel icing so the recipient can personalise their tree.

Tree decorations: Available in white, milk, dark or combination of whilte/milk chocolate. Sold as a bag of 10, mixed designs.


Reuseable plastic toy: Star, Tree and Bauble (not shown). All come with a hanging hoop should you wish to put them on your Christmas tree. They are re-useable and can even be painted. Available with any combination of white, milk or dark chocolate buttons.


Brazil nuts available enrobed in milk or dark chocolate Sold in bags of 100g approx.


Ginger sticks (sold in bags of 100g approx) and lemon & orange slices (sold in bags of 200g approx) are dipped in milk or dark chocolate.


NEW for 2016 - Marzipan (sold in bags of 100g approx) enrobed in milk or dark chocolate. (No image yet!)

Decorations, Nuts & Fruit

Advent Calendar

New for 2016 - a fabric advent calendar with 24 pockets supplied with 24 foil wrapped chocolates.

Santa's Workshop

NEW for 2016 - Similar to the DIY chocolate cottage, the workshop is made of chocolate and comes flat pack with all you need to assemble and decorate.